Preparing for the treatment

When you are attending the hospital, please remember to bring:

  • a copy of your insurance card and your photo ID;
  • any needed personal items (such as toiletries like toothpaste, toothbrush and hairbrush);
  • any needed medications, but make sure that you inform the doctor about all the medications that you take.

You can also bring:

  • comfortable, loose-fitting clothing, a robe, slippers, pajamas;
  • books, magazines;
  • mobile phone.

Do not bring valuables or large amount of money.

Because your condition does not require emergency treatment you have time to think about what you need to do to ensure that you get the best possible outcome from your care at our hospital.

Below is a checklist of the things anyone attending our hospital needs to consider:

  • Have you decided how you will get to the hospital? You can organize your own transport to and from the hospital. However, if for any reason you are unable to do this please let us know and we will help organizing the transport.
  • Have you arranged for someone to accompany you home after your treatment? If you are having surgery someone should accompany you home after your treatment. If you travel alone then please let us know and we will arrange a person to take care of you. If you are attending the hospital for a diagnostic test such as an MRI scan or X-ray this is not normally necessary.
  • Will there be someone at home when you return after your treatment? For 24 hours after surgery you must have someone at home to look after youin caseyou need it. For your safety you will not be treated unless this has been arranged. Also, in the case that you travel to Estonia alone, we will appoint one careperson to look after you. This does not apply if your visit is for diagnostic tests only.
  • Have you arranged time off from your work? This may sound obvious, but it is important that you do this in advance so that you know you can attend for your appointment.
  • Do you have childcare arrangements in place? We do not have facilities at the hospital for children to wait whilst you have your diagnosis and/or treatment. You will therefore need to organize for someone to care for your children whilst you are away.